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We are seeking highly motivated and energetic people with interest in computational RNA genomics and RNA bioengineering to join our team. We have openings for both postdocs and graduate students. If you are keen on learning, developing, and applying machine learning methods to analyze RNA structure and dynamics and to engineer novel RNAs, our newly forming team may be a good fit for you. Projects in the lab range from highly algorithmic/mathematical method development to “moist lab” work that combines simulations, data analysis, and wet lab experiments. Projects are chosen and tailored based on the candidate’s interests and background.Qualifications: we are assembling an interdisciplinary and collaborative group and welcome creative people from diverse backgrounds. We are especially looking for people with background in one or more of the following areas:
   Signal processing or machine learning
   Chemistry/biochemistry or biophysics
   Biological modeling and statistical analysis
   Genomics/genetics (particularly, next-gen sequencing methods)
   Applied mathematicsTo apply: contact Prof. Aviran via email (saviran (at) ucdavis (dot) edu).Specific skills that are desired include proficiency with programming languages, simulations, and scripts (e.g., Python, Matlab, R, C/C++), hands-on genomic data analysis, and/or molecular biology and biochemistry lab techniques.Postdoc candidates should include a cover letter and CV with a list of publications and contact information for three references. In your cover letter, please briefly describe your current and future research interests and why you are interested in working with our group.

Graduate students from all UC Davis graduate groups are welcome to inquire with Prof. Aviran about their potential fit to the lab.

About BME and UC Davis

Biomedical Engineering @ UC Davis is a vibrant, rapidly growing, and multidisciplinary department with 34 faculty members. It is ranked as a Top 20 Program by US News and as 6th in the nation in research expenditures by NSF. The department benefits from close collaborations with the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary MedicineGenome CenterInstitute for Regenerative CuresCenter for Biophotonics, and the California National Primate Research Center. Genome Sciences and Computational Biology are areas of traditional strength and strategic growth at UC Davis. In particular, UC Davis is home to the Center for  Population Biology and the Genome Center. The Genome Center has nearly 30 faculty members from diverse departments and colleges and, in addition to genomics Biotechnology research at Davis also benefits from the school’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a major biotechnology and informatics industry hub. This affords easy access to a vast range of internship and employment opportunities as well as collaborations with industry. In particular, the new Career Exploration Through Internships (CETI) program, in partnership with UCSF, offers off-campus internships in a variety of fields.  The BME and Integrative Genetics and Genomics Graduate Groups are among the 6 programs that were selected for CETI’s inaugural year.research, provides cutting-edge DNA, Proteomics, Metabolomics and Bioinformatics technology services. Its new partnership with Beijing Genomics Institute (aka BGI@UC Davis) further enhances access to state-of-the-art genomics technology and facilities. UC Davis is characterized by a highly collaborative spirit. Its research community also benefits greatly from the structure of graduate groups, where graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary units. This gives students and faculty freedom and flexibility to transcend departmental boundaries. You can take a virtual tour of our campus here.

Location, location, location

Davis, CA is a small, bike-friendly, town that is located within 1.5 hours drive from San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Berkeley, and about 2 hours from Lake Tahoe and the California coast. The Davis area offers a variety of cultural and outdoor activities, reasonable cost of living, conformable Mediterranean climate, and an excellent public school system.

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